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Badminton Coaching near Appaswamy Platina

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We have 2 world class badminton courts in The Colosseum Iyyapanthangal near Porur with:

  • BWF Approved badminton sports floor

  • Sports Performance LED Lights

  • Sports accessories shop

  • Purified Hot and Cold Drinking Water

  • Restroom for Men and Women

  • Family friendly environment 

Sports have unparalleled popularity amongst children for reasons unknown to them. We provide quality professional training which will bring the best out of your child by assuring the certified professional trainers and world-class equipment in our academy which will help promote not only physical strength but also help your child in acquiring team values, leadership qualities, fair play, positive self-esteem, peer acceptance, social interactions and much more.

List of levels in Badminton Coaching,
  • Sub-Beginner from age 5

  • Beginner Level 1

  • Beginner Level 2

  • Intermediate Level 1

  • Intermediate Level 2

  • Advance Level


Training Time
  • Mon - Sat (4:30 to 6:30 PM)

*Subject to availability in The Colosseum Iyyapanthangal near Porur , Kindly check the availability by contacting our sports assistant at 9566048883 or Leave your contact to call back.

The Colosseum Iyyapanthangal Badminton

The Colosseum Sports 

"We make everyone play"
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