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Badminton Court in
Anna nagar

The Colosseum Badminton Court in Iyyapanthangal 1

We have 2 world class badminton courts in The Colosseum Annanagar with:

  • BWF Approved badminton sports floor

  • Sports Performance LED Lights

  • Sports accessories shop

  • Free WiFi

  • Purified Hot and Cold Drinking Water

  • Shower room for Men and Women

  • Restroom for Men and Women

  • Family friendly environment 

This is suitable for playing once in a week as an individual or as a group of friends / family.

List of options in Non-Membership
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*Subject to availability , Kindly check the availability in the booking page.


Badminton Membership

This is suitable for regular players, sports enthusiasts and individuals looking for sports fitness activity by playing 3 to 6 days in a week.

List of options in Membership
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  • Annual Membership

  • Half yearly Membership

  • Quarterly Membership


*Subject to availability in The Colosseum Annanagar near Kilpauk. Kindly check the availability by contacting our sports assistant at 9884787864 or Leave your contact to call back.

The Colosseum Iyyapanthangal Badminton

The Colosseum Sports 

"We make everyone play"
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