Badminton Court in Iyyapanthangal

The Colosseum Badminton Court in Iyyapanthangal 1

We have 2 world class badminton courts in The Colosseum Iyyapanthangal with:

  • BWF Approved badminton sports floor

  • Sports Performance LED Lights

  • Sports accessories shop

  • Free WiFi

  • Purified Hot and Cold Drinking Water

  • Shower room for Men and Women

  • Restroom for Men and Women

  • Family friendly environment 

This is suitable for playing once in a week as an individual or as a group of friends / family.

List of options in Non-Membership
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*Subject to availability , Kindly check the availability in the booking page.


Badminton Membership

This is suitable for regular players, sports enthusiasts and individuals looking for sports fitness activity by playing 3 to 6 days in a week.

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  • Annual Membership

  • Half yearly Membership

  • Quarterly Membership


*Subject to availability , Kindly check the availability by contacting our sports assistant at 9566048883 or Leave your contact to call back.

The Colosseum Iyyapanthangal Badminton

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