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The Colosseum Junior's Battle 2019 - Badminton

🏆Champions🏆, It's time to celebrate your victory! You all have showed your best talents in this battle, Now practice harder for the next! 👏👏

Trophy Holder Names by Category:

Sub-Beginner: 1st Place: Sri Deshna 2nd Place: Ashik Anand 3rd Place: Rohin Seyon

Beginner: 1st Place: Allan Melvish 2nd Place: Adwitha Rajesh 3rd Place: Ziva anika

Intermediate: 1st Place: Nithin Sylesh 2nd Place: Srivatsan seetharam 3 rd Place:Ananya Rajesh

Advance: 1st Place: Saranya SenthilKumar 2nd Place: Sudharshan Selvakumar 3rd Place: Jagdeesh Varadhan

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