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Badminton Forever! - Part 1

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Wanna achieve something in sports, don't know where to start? Better listen to what our kids say!

When a child grows up and becomes more active, most parents have a desire to bring regular exercise into his life, because we all know that physical activity creates optimal conditions for the growth and development of a young body.

It is a difficult choice for parents to decide what is the best sport for kids. Which game is most suitable for their children?

With no doubt it's, Badminton!, Here are some points to prove that.

Advantages of playing Badminton

Badminton is one of the most useful, safe, popular and effective sports.

Indeed, badminton has a lot of advantages that make it a suitable sport for kids and adult as well.

In this section, you will know some advantages and disadvantages of this great sport.

5 reasons make badminton as the best sport for kids:

1. Badminton is an excellent game for the physical development of your child.

Intensive movement around the playground will help the child to keep his body in great shape, as badminton is among the three most energy-intensive game sports and is considered as the fastest sport in the world.

Badminton has a positive effect on the heart, blood vessels and respiratory organs. As a result of training, the volume of the lungs increases.

There are cases when asthmatics went into a stage of long remission, doing badminton.

During badminton games, the muscles of the legs, abs, and arms work the most. Regular workouts make them stronger and stronger.

2. Badminton improves the child's personality.

Every day your child will compete with his peers, learn to win and learn to lose. A child learns to draw conclusions from defeats, to optimize the game in order to arrive at the main result - to become a successful player. This knowledge will always help kids in their future life.

Badminton is a game that will teach a child to reach big and small goals. At first, he learns to hit a shuttlecock and this can be considered a small goal, then toss it over the net and seeks to prevent the opponent from fighting back.

Achievement of each of these goals undoubtedly brings joy to the young badminton player and teaches him not to be afraid to set goals in life for him of various degrees of difficulty.

3. Badminton improves eyesight.

For kids, spending a long time behind the screen of computers, phones is not a good thing and can lead to eye problems as dryness, myopia.

During the game, there is a constant training of the eyes: you need to continuously monitor the shuttlecock, which moves at different speeds. This improves blood circulation in the organs of vision.

While badminton training, the child will constantly transfer his vision from an object in the distance (a shuttlecock on the side of the competitor) to an object close (when hitting the shuttle).

4. Badminton increases the attention of the child and helps to focus on learning.

Badminton is a complex technical sport. The player must be good at taking control of his body and be able to make accurate strikes even in a state of great fatigue.

As a result, badminton will develop children's abilities to concentrate for longer periods and make them more attentive.

Badminton also is one of the fun activities for kids that can be played at home or in court.

5. The risks of serious injury when playing badminton is minimal.

Badminton is considered as a non-contact sport, in which there is no direct interaction between the players as well as no extreme loads on the ligaments and joints.

For this reason, badminton is one of the best sports for kids.

How to choose the best badminton club/academy for your kid?

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