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Badminton Forever! - Part 2

How to choose the best badminton club/academy for your kid? Better listen to what our kids say!

When a child grows up and becomes more active, most parents have a desire to bring regular exercise into his life, because we all know that physical activity creates optimal conditions for the growth and development of a young body.

It is a difficult choice for parents to decide what is the best sport for kids. Which game is most suitable for their children?

How to choose the best badminton club/academy for your kid?

When choosing a badminton court/Academy for your kids, pay attention to the following criteria:

1. Coach above all

If you have previously decided on a badminton club for your child, you need to understand how good the coaching staff is in this club: how well the training is conducted, how the coach interacts with your kid.

The best way to figure this out is to go to the first few workouts with your child. Get to know the coach, find out what goals he sets for the children.

If you want your child to become a badminton champion, it is extremely desirable to give the child to a coach who is fanatically tuned to winning tournaments.

If a child likes badminton game, then only a serious trainer will be able to bring up a champion in him.

Pay attention to how carefully the coach treats the health of children. Proper training should consist of the following blocks:

  1. Joint gymnastics.

  2. Warming up muscles and joints (running, a series of running exercises).

  3. Stretching

  4. The main unit of training.

  5. Solving the previous problems.

  6. Press on the weak points.

It is also worth knowing in advance about the success of graduates of the sports club. The results will speak for themselves.

2. Proximity to home

Training takes a lot of energy. This sport is one of the most energy-intensive. Take care of the child and try to choose the most convenient academy location.

The easier it will be for him to get home, the higher the likelihood that the young athlete will have the strength to do his homework. This is no less important than successful training.

You can search on google about “badminton court near me” and you will find the nearest badminton court to your home.

3. Training conditions

In addition to the previous points, you should take a closer look at the training conditions. The main training court – the ground and lighting.

The condition of your child’s knees and ankles (the most common injuries in badminton) will depend on the material of the badminton court. Lighting will affect vision during long workouts.

4. Cost of classes

This criterion is directly dependent on your financial capabilities. Be sure to consider them, so that the classes bring as much pleasure as possible.

What is the right age to start playing badminton?

The optimal time to start practicing badminton is 7-8 years. This is due to the features of the game.

Badminton is a complex technical sport that requires good flexibility, agility, and reaction from a child.

These qualities are sufficiently formed in the child at about grade 2-3.

You can start to engage in earlier, but usually, in such training, more bias is done on the overall physical development.

Medical conditions that prevent your child from playing badminton

All sports have their own contraindications. Badminton is no exception.

Before you send the child to the badminton court, pay attention to the absence of the following health problems:

  1. cardiovascular diseases;

  2. diseases of the musculoskeletal system (scoliosis, problems with the knee joints);

  3. chronic diseases in the acute stage;

  4. Respiratory Diseases.

Before starting training sessions, you should consult your pediatrician and be sure that your child is fit to play badminton and you may need a medical certificate.

Now, You know well about Badminton and it's benefits. Put your kids in this amazing sport and bring them up as super stars! Spread the word, Lets build a healthy world!

We, The Colosseum Sports and Fitness are happy to take all interested kids in our sports and Fitness classes. Dear Parents support your kids and build them a healthy future.

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