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What makes good table tennis coaching in Iyyappanthangal the best?

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Looking for professional table tennis coaching in Iyyappanthangal for your physical and mental fitness? Check out the Colosseum to know more!

Table tennis is one of the best indoor sports to keep your body and mind healthy. While playing with a friend or family member, you can effectively enhance your hand-eye coordination. Apart from agility, you can learn to make better reflexes and turn flexible with this sport.

If you choose table tennis as a sports career, you can easily head to the national level as the number of players is low. The competition is tight but the number of players who demand a spot in the game is lacking. This will help your kids progress quickly and stand out from the crowd.

Our certified coaches with national level expertise are here to help you scale new heights for your passion. So, what are you waiting for? To accelerate your physical and mental fitness with the best table tennis coaching in Iyyappanthangal (Kattupakkam, Thiruverkadu, Noombal, Kumananchavadi, Seneerkuppam, Chettiyar Agaram, Oil Mill Road, Porur), keep reading to know what to look out for!

Don’t look for the lowest price. Look for the best deal

Investing in a sport is a lifetime investment - it is a change of lifestyle and a vital part of your day. In such cases, don’t go for a cheap option. Always go for the best deal and the most professional training at a place that fits your preferences.

Maybe the place charges extra for its indoor air conditioning. Or it requires an additional premium membership to use the sauna after the session. Perhaps you prefer monthly plans but the coaching center has only annual ones. Whatever the case, try to go for a good deal and don’t compromise just because of the budget.

Set a routine that suits you

If you are an early bird and love getting your muscles in action first thing in the morning, find a place that opens early. If you like going about your day and then unwinding in the evening with a sport, find a slot later during the day.

Picking a good location for your kid’s table tennis coaching will help your whole family benefit in the long run. Make sure that the place has all the amenities you require and time slots for when you prefer to have the sessions.

Analyze various competitors

Never finalize the first place you stop at. You won’t know if other coaching centers in the market are offering better prices and services! Always pick a location close to home but ask around for which places are worth the travel.

Maintain a consistent routine and enquire with various brands about what fitness routines they recommend. If they are true professionals, they will have a lot more to teach you than just table tennis! They might recommend a specific diet or exercise to loosen your muscles. They will notice your posture and correct your overall style of holding the bat and ball. Make use of such quality coaches to get your complete money’s worth and learn life lessons.

Look into the various amenities available

Most coaching centers lack bathrooms for both genders. Or proper water coolers and refreshments after the training session. They might mention having exclusive women’s table tennis coaching but the coaches won’t do anything differently.

Maybe you are just dropping off your kid and need Wi-Fi at the venue to catch up on your work. In such cases, pick a family-friendly atmosphere with ample amenities you can use. A major chunk of your overall experience depends on how the staff treats you and what facilities are open to your disposal.

Summing up

As a parting thought, know your goals and what you are looking to achieve out of the training sessions. Do you want to train under certified coaches and make-it to reputed contests? Or do you wish to take up table tennis coaching in Iyyappanthangal (Kattupakkam, Thiruverkadu, Noombal, Kumananchavadi, Seneerkuppam, Chettiyar Agaram, Oil Mill Road, Porur) as a hobby or to build your stamina?

We are here to give you world-class experiences with our variety of equipment and experienced trainers. Our academy is certified to help you level up your skills and shape your routine. You can effectively surround yourself with people who are as passionate about table tennis as you.

We guarantee visible progress as well as team values and leadership along with positive self-esteem. We can coach your children to fair play and improve their social interaction skills. Our sports floors are open to all for professional training experiences!

Our classes will teach your child,

  • Team values

  • Leadership

  • Positive self-esteem

  • Fair play

  • Social interaction skills

  • Physical strength

  • Agility and flexibility

  • Peer acceptance

Among many other benefits through our beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of coaching. Pick a time slot and you can kickstart your journey with us at once!

You can opt for beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels of coaching during any of these time slots:

Professional Table Tennis Training Time:

Mon-Fri - 4.30 pm to 7 pm

Sat - 4 pm to 7 pm

Sun - 8 am to 11 am

Amateur / Leisure Playing:

Mon-Sat - 5 am to 10 pm


Contact: 9566048883

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