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Tips to find the best badminton coaching in Iyyappanthangal

Badminton is one of the best sports to play if you wish to achieve physical and mental fitness. By putting your body to the test, you can enhance your reflexes and agility - two key life skills.

Tips to find the best badminton coaching in Iyyappanthangal
Tips to find the best badminton coaching in Iyyappanthangal

But how can you find the best indoor badminton coaching in Iyappanthangal and around (Kattupakkam, Thiruverkadu, Noombal, Kumananchavadi, Seneerkuppam, Chettiyar Agaram, Oil Mill Road) that is within your desired budget? Read on for some tips to help you narrow down your search effectively.

What is your desired budget?

Budget plays a key role in any professional training. Figure out what budget suits you and find coaches who cater to that. It also works to opt for monthly plans, quarterly plans or yearly plans so you can pay in consistent installments.

It will also help you track your progress and determine your next plan of action. There are many cheap and affordable coaches in Chennai you can choose from. The best kid's badminton coaching will help your whole family benefit from your investment.

What time and location suit you?

It is a handy tip to pick a location close to home. This way, you can commute easily and quickly once a day. Your children can travel to and fro with ease too. If your residence is close to Iyappanthangal and around (Kattupakkam, Thiruverkadu, Noombal, Kumananchavadi, Seneerkuppam, Chettiyar Agaram, Oil Mill Road) try checking out a quality coach from there.

The same goes for fixed timings. Maintain a consistent time every morning or evening for your coaching. This will help your body adapt to the new routine and contribute to your fitness goals.

Have you done your research?

Check the competitors in the market before picking a coach. Look at the expertise and price points of various badminton coaches. Find out from their past coaching experience how their training is and what perks they offer.

Are they close to your residence and can they bring the best out of your child? Do they have proficient women’s badminton coaching that you can trust? Are their range of equipment suitable for your needs? Keep these in mind while picking a coach.

What are your goals?

Do you wish to enhance your fitness or are you just looking for a new hobby or train for competition level? Based on your goals and desired outcomes, you can find the right certified coaches. If you wish to train only during the weekends, find a place that offers good time slots based on your preferences.

Never compromise on your comfort and convenience during your search for the right badminton coaching in Iyyappanthangal. Ensure that the place has good Wi-Fi, a family-friendly atmosphere, and restrooms so you can shower after the session. Do they have purified drinking water to stay hydrated during your training? These are minor details but they will uplift your overall experience.

Final thoughts

Badminton is a great sport that you can excel in with the right tracking. Finding the right coach to shape your child’s mind and body at a budding stage is vital.

Our academy The Colosseum Sports Iyyapanthangal is equipped with world-class equipment and certified coaches to level up your badminton skills. Join our professional coaching academy and you will notice visible progress in no time.

We teach women, families, and kids irrespective of their goals and level of expertise. We use BWF-approved badminton sports floors with LED lights for a professional training experience. We provide clean restrooms and showers for your comfort after sessions.

Our classes will teach your child,

  • Team values

  • Leadership

  • Positive self-esteem

  • Fair play

  • Social interaction skills

  • Physical strength

  • Agility and flexibility

  • Peer acceptance

Among many other benefits through our beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of coaching. Pick a time slot and you can kickstart your journey with us at once!

Our training time slots are based on availability:

Professional Training Time:

Mon to Fri - 4.30 pm to 7 pm

Sat - 4 pm to 7 pm

Sun - 8 am to 11 am

Amateur Training / Leisure Playing:

Mon - Sat: 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM


Contact: 9566048883

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